My Favorite Products of 2020

Hi Guys! 2020 wasn’t all that bad, I also came across some amazing new products, you are probably familiar with most of them since I’m always talking about how much I love them on my social media. These are some of my 2020 favorites and maybe you’ll love them too! My love for these products grew during quarantine when I craved great sleep, tidiness or simply, amazing coffee! Check them out below!


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    1. Tartelette Mini Palette Set: Since I discovered this cute 3 set of mini eye-shadow palettes from Tarte for less than $40 I am obsessed with trying out different looks and did I mention they smell like cocoa? One of their main ingredients!
    2. Air Fryer: Since I started my fitness journey this amazing gadget has become my best friend, because it saves me so much time and no matter the recipe everything turns out
    3. Handheld Vacuum: This awesome gadget makes my life easier and tidier! This vacuum is insanely light and gets to all those impossible spots in the house like drawers and couches, and you know that with a toddler running around I am always using it.
    4. Drawer Organizer: Since 2019 I’ve been trying to keep my spaces more organized, in fact you can check this blog post I made in collaboration with  A Beautiful Mess 101 to get my home office pretty and organized, and following her directions, I’ve found these cute drawer organizers to keep my drawers tidy
    5. Billie Razor: This is the most inexpensive razor and blade replacements I have ever bought and it’s also the cutest razor to ever inhabit my shower. I’m never buying an expensive grocery store razor ever again!
    6. Double Walled Glass Cups: You’re a coffee lover? Then these cups will elevate all of your favorite caffeinated drinks and keep them extra warm for longer.
    7. Overnight Hair Serum: I’ve talked about this overnight hair serum many times because it leaves my hair frizz free, soft but not limp. I wear it day and night after showering.
    8. Hair Rinse-Out Treatment: Another product that my hair has completely loved is this super easy to use 8 second treatment. My hair has gone through three bottles of these and my hair never feels as soft and shiny as when I apply this.
    9. Insta-Dry Nail Polish: I’ve posted about this nail polish several times on my Instagram because it has an easy to use brush, one application has full coverage and it dries quickly. My favorite color is this bright red.
    10. Thrive Mascara: This purchase was made off of an Instagram ad but I haven’t loved another mascara this year more than this one. Described as “rich lash extensions”, this mascara does not rub or smudge even in the Houston humidity but is easy to remove.
    11. Olly Sleep Gummies: The pandemic messed with my sleep and I was having terrible nightmares. Anyone else? I tried these melatonin gummies from Olly and slept like a baby. I take one 30 minutes before wanting to fall asleep and they work like a charm.
    12. Facial Globes: I use these facial globes  5 different ways to depuff eyes, minimize the pimple size, soothe tired eyes etc. Keep them in your fridge and use them every morning to look refreshed and awake.
    13. Breville: Best purchase of the year award goe to my espresso machine which kept me experimenting with coffee drinks in lieu of Starbucks. Read why I love it here.

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