Fitness Enthusiast Gift Guide

For many of us a new year means new and better health goals, and whatever your personal goal is (losing a couple of pounds, improving your eating habits or just being healthier) I’m sure that you can find the perfect thing on this Fitness & Wellness Gift Guide.


What Should I Get My Healthy Friend or Fitness Enthusiast?

From a small detail like a cute water tumbler to a cool gadget like the healthy ice cream maker, your fitness junkie friend will be pleasantly surprised with any of these items. My personal favorites are the Air Fryer and any of my Fabletics leggings (get the Powerhold fabric and thank me later).If you want ideas specifically on fitness tech gadgets, here’s a TV segment I did and tech gadget guide.

These were my most used items this year and you’ll find them scattered through the blog and my social media:

    1. Air Fryer: I believe that since I started my fitness journey this amazing gadget has become my best friend because it saves me so much time in the kitchen. I have made the fastest, crunchiest broccoli and even too good to be true chicken wings. Check out my Healthy-ish Air Fryer Chicken Tenders to convince yourself you need an air-fryer!
    2. Blender:  From soups to protein shakes and even oat flour (yes, just blend your oats in here to make the healthier alternative), this blender is rock solid and I use it every day. Use my code ‘brunch 20’ at checkout for 20% off when shopping the blender on the Blendtec webiste.
    3. Fitness tracker: An important part of anyone’s fitness journey is recording your progress, and this fit bit helps keep track all of your activity through the day. I like knowing how many calories I burn with each different workout and I love tracking my sleep which is also important in any wellness journey. Read more about sleep and weight loss here.
    4. Comfortable sneakers: Can you believe these cool sneakers are under $100?  I run, walk and train in these cute sneaks and have been loving how comfy they are. I got these in-store at Dick’s Sporting Goods and can’t find them online.
    5. Bluetooth earbuds: Music is such an important part of my workout because it motivates me to persevere! These Bluetooth earbuds allow me to move around, jump and do all of my movements freely. These are a great option under $70 and come in a variety of colors. If you prefer bluetooth headphones that you put on like a headband,I recommend these.
    6. Workout gear: I’ve made it my life mission to find the cutest and most comfortable workout outfits, and let me tell you that Fabletics has blown my mind! They fit true to size, have great compression (choose the Powerhold fabric) and the best thing is—-they aren’t see through. Remember, you can always get 2 leggings for $24 when you sign up for their VIP membership. Check out more of my favorite workout gear here.
    7. Water tumbler:  I’m obsessed with this cute chartreuse stainless steel 30 oz water bottle that keeps my beverages super cold for hours. I make it my mission to fill it several times a day. Comes in a variety of colors.
    8. Healthy frozen treat maker: Being quarantined this summer had me working on my culinary creativity, and when I discovered this cool gadget that tuned all my frozen fruit into a sorbet (no sugar or milk added) it was a complete game-changer. The best part: all my family LOVED it!
    9. Mini portable blender I love this portable blender for any travel or road trips so I can still make my smoothies or protein shakes on the go! Charge it with a USB and you’re ready for a breakfast smoothie.

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