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Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Earrings

If you’ve been following me for a while then you know I have a serious obsession with earrings and accessories. When Valentine’s Day rolls around I always manage to grow my heart-shaped earrings a bit more.

Here are links to my favorite heart-shaped earrings that I wear all through February and the erst of the year. Styles will vary because many of the earrings pictured above are sold out!

1. Red Heart Shaped Earrings

2. Pink Heart Shaped Earrings

3. Heart Shaped Stud Earrings

4. Heart Shaped Earrings Purple

5. Gold Heart Shaped Hoops

6. Pearl Heart Shaped Earrings

7. Pearl Heart Shaped Dangle Earrings

8. Gold Plated Pink Enamel Earrings

9. Resin Heart Drop Earrings

10. Bow Heart Locket and Safety Pin Earrings

11. Ombre Open Heart Stud Earrings


* I will be updating links on this list as more heart-shaped earrings appear in stock in my favorite on-line retailers.

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