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*This home office organization project is a collaboration between A Beautiful Mess and Lipstick and Brunch. Thank you MDesign Home Decor for sponsoring organization and storage bins.

Photography by Arzu Vargas

A couple of weeks ago Rachel from A Beautiful Mess 101 and myself shared that we were working on a home office makeover that consisted of reorganizing my beauty closet and finding a method of how to keep my incoming mail off the floor.

In total, Rachel and I worked for 14 hours on categorizing, purging and reorganizing beauty products, office supplies, my clothing rack and miscellaneous. It was exhausting and daunting to go through endless amounts of paper and beauty products and for that same reason I promised myself that I would never accumulate stuff the way I did.

I also want to thank MDesign Home Decor for being part of this project thanks to Rachel! They have fabulous and a lot of times stackable acrylic storage/organizing products which don’t only look pretty but hold a lot of make-up. Rachel customized each item with custom labels in rose gold foil.

Rachel left my space organized but most importantly she left me with an amazing skill set to maintain an organized and functional home office. Thank you!

Here’s 4 things you should never fear when hiring a professional organizer like Rachel from A Beautiful Mess 101:

  • “The way it’ll be organized won’t make sense to me.” Rachel actually asks you a lot of questions about how you interact with what you’re organizing to create a functional organization lay-out. This creates accessibility and it assures your storage needs met.
  • “I will have to throw away stuff that I want to keep.” First of all, when Rachel comes over to organize like she did to my home office, I was there helping her purge all along! That’s actually the most difficult part because you have to go through everything before deciding on donating or throwing stuff out.
  • “I feel judged about my mess!” OK admittedly this was me and then I remembered Rachel does this for a living and there has to be someone out there messier than me! LOL! Joking aside, a professional organizer like Rachel gets excited when they see a mess because it only means that her help is needed.
  • “It’s going to take forever!” Maybe if you do it by yourself or if you keep procrastinating. A professional organizer helps you purge and categorize EVERYTHING – there will be no stone unturned and you will feel so much better in a clutter-free and clean space. As a reference, Rachel and I worked two consecutive days for 7 hours a day.

Check out MDesign Home Decor

MDesign lipstick organizer

home office desk area


acrylic organizations from Mdesign

Check out The 101 Blog for BEFORE & AFTER photos & more tips by Rachel!

Cheers to an organized and beautiful home office!

What was your favorite part of the home office reveal?

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