Blonde Hair Care Tips

OMG! I missed being blonde so much! I thought I was going to be a low maintenance brunette but I just didn’t feel like myself! Ha! Even if I’m not a natural blonde I have been blonde and pink most of my life since I dyed my hair in high school without my mom’s permission. What can I say? I was obsessed with Britney Spears and thought a hair change would make me look like the Princess of Pop.

Great For Blonde Hair:

It’s been years since that first time I dyed my hair and I’ve learned so much (and keep learning with every visit) from professional hairstylists about maintaining my blonde brass-free and healthy. Being blonde is expensive, it takes a lot of extra time in the shower applying treatments and a lot of time out of the shower massaging in hydrating oils and heat protectors. Being blonde is not for the faint of heart! That’s why I didn’t want to dye my hair blonde because I thought I would never keep up with it now that I have a baby. Guess what though? I love my blonde hair and I make time for it because feeling good and looking good is so important to me and like I’ve said before, if I feel better then I’m a better mom to my Nicolás Enrique.

I try to keep my blonde hair hydrated and as yellow-free as possible and after not being blonde for a long time I’m trying some new products. I’ve really liked what I tried and had to share what’s making my blonde tresses look so healthy and how I’m doing it.

Blonde Hair Care Tips

  1. Use a Purple Shampoo Purple shampoos maintain ashy blondes on the ashy-silver side and it tones down brassiness.
  2. Use An In-Shower Hair Treatment/Mask My hairstylist introduced me to this product which even Kim Kardashian uses for her platinum locks. This potent treatment repairs chemical, thermal and mechanical damage. It’s pricy but worth it if you have blonde hair. I also like to alternate using a hydrating conditioner. I love this one because it smells like a dream! and makes my hair soft.
  3. Skip The Daily Wash I don’t wash my hair every day and obviously, the less you wash your hair the less the color will fade. I use a dry shampoo to keep my scalp oil free and fresh. Since I have very fine hair, texturizing dry shampoos also give my hair volume and body. I can usually go 3-4 days without washing and looking like a grease-ball.
  4. Use A Hair Oil + Heat Protector Blonde hair can become brittle, dull and porous but a hair oil can keep it shiny and hydrated. My holy grail hair oil which does not make my hair greasy at all (even with super fine, little amount of hair) was not available at Sephora last time so I was suggested this treatment oil that has repairing ingredients like moringa and jojoba and my hair has taken it in nicely but I have to keep using it to determine if I love it. When I use a flat iron, and I try to use heat tools sparingly, I use this spray on treatment with 25 benefits and up till now it hasn’t made my hair gone flat or greasy which is a huge win! Update: After trying the oil for some time it made my hair greasy and did not work like my Moroccan Oil. I resent the consultant at Sephora who told me it was going to work even better than my Moroccan Oil. The 100 Proof is currently sitting inside my vanity drawer alone and forgotten.

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What do you do to keep your blonde hair healthy? Let me know!

Great For Blonde Hair:

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