Best Nutritious Snacks – Keto & High Protein

* This post is not to be taken as nutritional advice. My suggestions are based solely on what has worked for me and it’s tailored to my age, activity level, and age. 

Ever since I started my health journey in 2019 I’ve had to make serious adjustments on what I eat. When I started exercising and learning about how to fuel your body I realized I was not eating a balanced diet; I was mostly eating carbs and fat. The perfect combination of carb, fat and protein in a snack is what’s going to keep you full and satisfied. Also, because I have Type I Diabetes I watch my sugar intake and that’s why I prefer keto and high-protein snacks.

I was inspired to write this post because many of you who are insulin-resistant, have gestational diabetes or just want to  snack on something healthy ask me through my Instagram direct messages have a hard time reaching for something balanced and delicious when you get a craving. My general rule for my lifestyle is I only have a combination of these 2 snacks per day.

Here are some snack idea combinations I hope you’ll love!

The Versatile Snack:

Greek Yogurt + Pistachios or Keto-Cereal

I love Greek yogurt so much I eat it every day! It’s an easy way to get your protein in and the possibilities are endless with healthy toppings like: Keto-friendly cereal, sugar-free granola and pistachios (yes, I love 1oz of pistachios on my yogurt!) When choosing a Greek Yogurt at the grocery store make sure it has the winning trifecta: 10-25g of protein, about 8g of fat and less than 9g of sugar. Here’s a video of  my favorite yogurts! 

Tip: Whenever you have Greek yogurt try to pair it with a fatty topping like nuts or sugar free granola. The fat helps the carbs in the yogurt travel slower into your bloodstream preventing a sugar spike. This also keeps you fuller longer.

I love topping my coconut Greek yogurt with cocoa Magic Spoon cereal. It tastes like a chocolatey-coconut dessert!

After Your Workout/ Midday Snack:

Protein Shake

I have been using the same protein powder  for three years because it tastes like vanilla and there’s no aftertaste. Recently, my trainer at the gym suggested I try the CORE Fairlife protein shakes which are pre-made and come in many flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry and they are delicious because they taste like a milkshake. I always keep my fridge stocked with them in case I run out of my protein powder. I love to have the Core Chocolate protein shake and blend it with ice and it tastes like an icy, frothy Starbucks drink when I get a chocolate craving. If you want an extra chocolatey treat, pair it with 2 keto chocolate vanilla sandwich cookies-they are so good and only have 2g of sugar and 4g of protein per serving.

Alternative Flavors: As a coffee lover, a high protein coffee shake is my dream come true and if you blend it with ice I get my own healthy frapuccino at home. If you are more into tropical flavors, try my Matcha Mango Protein Shake recipe.

Pro Tip: When having a protein shake as an after workout snack mix it with water or Mootopia milk (2% milk) because you want the carbs in the milk and protein to be absorbed quickly by your muscles. When having it as a random snack during the day, mix it with almond milk because the fat in the thsi milk will help it travel slower into your bloodstream.

If You’re Very Hungry:

Mozzarella Cheese + Simple Mills Seeded Crackers or Strawberries + Protein Shake

This is a snack I love to have when I am really hungry but and these Babybel cheeses make it easy to have one portion of cheese (fat) along with a serving of these crackers or strawberries (carbs) and it’s a mini charcuterie combination. You can pair this with a protein shake or any other protein source for a satisfying snack.

On the Go:

Keto Crisp Bar

I don’t eat a lot of protein bars because I prefer having a yogurt or a protein shake to snack on but sometimes I’m out running errands and I need a filling and healthy snack. When I’m on the go and have no time to blend up my favorite smoothie, one of these protein bars does the trick. They remind me of a Rice Krispies treat but they are packed with 1og of protein, only 2g of sugar per bar and are a small snack size. I tried their other flavors like chocolate and almond-chocolate chip but they were too indulgent for me.  The almond-butter bar was perfection!


Keto-Friendly Cereal

I loved cereal as a kid and teen are and stopped eating it because it made my blood sugar spike and it had no nutritional value. I also tried a bunch of keto-friendly cereals from the grocery store and they flat out sucked because they were chewy, chalky and gross. Even though I don’t follow a keto diet I appreciate the slew of delicious sugar-free goodies in the grocery store now. What you won’t find in the grocery store? My favorite cereal: Magic Spoon! Why is it my favorite? It’s crunchy, doesn’t get soggy in milk and tastes like the real deal! It tastes sweet like your childhood favorite Froot Loops and goes deliciously well with cold almond milk and it won’t spike your blood sugar. I like getting the variety pack and hiding it from my son because it’s that good. Ways I use it: I like to sprinkle some Magic Spoon on my yogurt, keep it in a ziploc snack bag in my purse and pour it in a bowl as dinner when I’m feeling lazy. Visit their website and use promo code MAGICNICOLE at checkout for a discount!


Frozen Yogurt Snack

These chocolate covered yogurt bars are so tasty and full of protein-they taste more like dessert than a healthy snack! I found this NO SUGAR ADDED version at Costco. They have a white and dark chocolate version in every pack and both are yummy. I like to let it rest on my counter for 5 minutes before eating it so it’s a bit softer.



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