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I have taken you along this fitness journey since I started back in September 2019 and it’s not over yet! This is a lifestyle change and it’s been hard to reeducate myself on how to eat, making exercise a part of my weekly life and learning how to treat myself without overindulging. What has made all this easier? Fitness Tech Gadgets (OK OK the air fryer is not a tech gadget but it’s a gadget that I can’t live without anymore!) have made the transition to my healthier lifestyle so much smoother.

It was so much fun to do this segment LIVE ON AIR with CW39 host Shannon Lanier and show him why I love these products and how they have helped me reach my fitness goals.


  • Air Fryer: Easy way to roast and crisp up veggies like broccoli; 6 mins versus 20 minutes in the oven. Easy cooking too! Just toss veggies in air fryer basket and set the timer. Easy clean up. Use less cooking oil when “frying” in the air fryer. I like this air fryer if you are cooking for more than 2 people.
  • Smart Scale: Syncs to your phone. Tracks progress and trends of lifestyle changes like muscle gain and weight loss. Tracks BMI, Body Fat and Weight. Helps in setting short term weekly goals to reach fitness goals. Can add more than one user in the free app.
  • Portable Blender: Can be charged with a USB. Includes a drink lid for blender cup. Great for blending 8 oz smoothies and protein shakes during travel or work. Great for making fresh salad dressings at home.
  • Smart Water Bottle: Syncs to your phone. Tracks how many ounces of water you drink a day and sets a goal for you depending on your weight. The bottle starts to glow to remind you to drink water. Drinking water helps you consume less calories throughout the day.
  • Fitness Tracker/Apple Watch: Great for setting daily step or calorie goals. Track your sleep. Stay accountable and set daily activity goals for yourself. Monitors heart rate.

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