6 Free Workouts You Can Do at Home – No Equipment Required

How is everyone doing during this quarantine? We have been 14 days at home and I am proud to report we are all still happy to be stuck with each other. There are many things that are inconvenient at the moment but if there is one thing I am thankful for (besides of course, my family and curbside grocery pickup ) before this quarantine life is that I developed healthy habits before having to stay at home. I would have already ransacked my whole pantry, order margaritas from my favorite Mexican restaurant (yes, our governor allowed mixed alcoholic beverages to be delivered) and had Favor deliver my favorite dessert.

My stay at home situation has been quite the opposite because the last seven months with my new healthy lifestyle prepared me for this quarantine. I have been prepping meals, making mason jar salads and getting a walk in every day plus a workout every 3-4 times a week because I am so used to it. My workouts at home are not as intense as the ones I used to take at ilovekickboxing but they make me sweat, de stress, and feel great.

So yes, quarantine has kept me away from my gym but not my workouts! These are 6 fun, free workouts to do at home-no equipment required.

Sphere Club

I have taken this class in real life and it’s a challenging full body experience in a 17 minute workout.

Ryde Houston

This one I have not tried but it was the most recommended one by friends/followers on Instagram.

Self Magazine

We started our at-home workouts with these videos and we love them to break a sweat and burn calories.

Dance with Me

We loved learning a new dance with my husband and we had no idea this was an aerobic workout and it was great!



Their new Sugar Land location was set to open soon but for now they are offering these easy to follow workouts.

Fit Theorem

Just started this 28 day fitness challenge! Sign up for free and their portal has nutrition guidance and free workouts.

Enjoy, stay healthy and motivated friends!

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