What I Love About Being A New Mom + Surprising Things I’ve Learned About Myself

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I never thought I’d love being a mom so much. I didn’t know what to expect and the only thing you ever hear is that it’s hard. It’s true, there are diaper blowouts, spit-ups on your favorite top and missed parties but I wouldn’t want it any other way now that I have him. It’s an unconditional love so big that grows in your heart and it only magnifies when I see my husband and him together. Through him I’ve discovered that after many years of lacking patience, I can be as patient as ever when singing him a lullaby so he can deeply fall asleep.

I feel that all my life I was preparing to welcome Nicolás Enrique and his endless giggles and grunting hangry noises. What I love about being a new mom? Ahh! So many things! But it’s definitely the small things that give me butterflies in my stomach. Small things like seeing him jump in his activity center with an excited expression. I also love rocking him to sleep in his nursery, even if it takes thirty minutes for him to decide to close his eyes. Every time I decide to go out with him I think of parking, traffic, the location and I think if it’s going to be a smooth experience for him. Truthfully, he’s great wherever he goes; he’s even fallen asleep at a noisy Mexican restaurant during lunch. Guess I’m just being a mom and getting worried over nothing! One thing’s for sure: he’s an angel and he makes the whole mom experience an overwhelmingly loving one.

Here are 5 Key Things I’ve Learned About Myself So Far In This Journey

1. Patience pays off! A good lullaby will get Nicolás to sleep all night even if it takes an hour.

2. Family is everything to me, even more now that I have my own. I’m investing in family and friends that have become family.

3. I can laugh about the unexpected and not let it rain on my parade. (Hello diaper blowout at a nice restaurant!)

4. It’s OK to cancel, say no, go to bed early and stay home if your #momlife gets the best of you one day.

5. It’s OK to not be so critical or hard on myself when I can’t cook dinner like before or make it to a work event,  all I need to worry about is being a great mom. Everything else will fall into place!

In summary, I’ve learned to LET IT GO!

When Babbleboxx asked me to review their Baby on Board – A Toolkit for New Moms – Babbleboxx I was psyched! This is my first “as a new mom sponsored post” and I was aching to see what was in the box. When I opened the box and found a bunch of things for my little dude to try, I was so happy! It also felt like a milestone box because Nicolás is starting to enjoy playing with toys and he’s also starting solid foods. It was so exciting to see there was oatmeal cereal and a new toy that I couldn’t take away to photograph once I gave it to him.  Each of the items in the Babbleboxx enhances an experience with Nicolás Enrique and makes our life as blogger and blogger baby (yes, he goes to events with me sometimes) so much easier! Here’s my opinion of all the items in the box:

Disclaimer: The TEMP TRAQ (a sticker-like thermometer) was an additional gifted item from the Babbleboxx team. Thank you! I did not get to try it this time around though but wanted to clear that up!

Oball: Rattle

Nicolás Enrique is barely starting to play with toys and he was instantly smitten with this baby rattle. I didn’t expect him to grab it so easily but the holes in the ball make it easy to grasp. Not only that but he had a particular preference to putting his tongue all around it and biting it (he’s teething so he’s munching on everything). I’m happy I’ve found a new toy to just toss into my purse and entertain him wherever we go.

Beech-Nut: Stage 1 Oatmeal Cereal

Every week since Nicolás turned five and a half months I’ve been trying different fruits and veggies to blend for him. Now that I have to feed him solids it’s difficult to carry all these fruits and veggies when we go out. My favorite feature of this cereal is that it’s easy to carry and prepare anywhere. The lid acts as a cup and it’s easy to measure and get it done. Offer: Save $1.50 on any 2 Beech-Nut cereal canisters

bloom BABY: Wipes

Permanently in my purse: bloom BABY wipes, Beech-Nut baby cereal and the Oball


When I opened these wipes I realized the ones I’m currently using are way too thin and not wet enough. Oops. The bloom BABY: WIPES are very thick, very soft and humid. These are definitely staying on my changing table especially now that Nicolás has started eating solid foods and I need a super-wipe to clean up yucky diaper changes. I love the cute portable pouch included which is going to live in my purse to clean messes on the go.

Vichy: Mineral 89 & Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream

I laughed when I saw this product in my New Mom Babbleboxx because every new mom needs a great moisturizer that makes her look youthful and rested. I’ve used Vichy in the past and it was so fun to rediscover them in this box. I loved the gel texture of the Aqualia Thermal face moisturizer and it’s even more wonderful when you wear the Mineral 89 below it. This is the dream team for dehydrated skin. I know that Houston’s weather has made my skin dry in some areas but these two have worked together to balance my skin and make it feel pillowy soft and plump. I’ve loved using it at night as a special treat to myself after working and taking care of the baby all day. Get Vichy for 20% off and free shipping (valid until 2/28) CODE: BABBLEBOXX18

Let’s add one more thing that I love about being a new mom…unboxing stuff with Nicolás!

What do you love about being a new mom?

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