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*Thank you to Hidden Crown Hair for providing me with a special discount to purchase and review the extensions for Lipstick and Brunch. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

About a month ago I got a very special delivery on my doorstep: My Hidden Crown Hair Extensions! I have never worn extensions or any sort of clip in hair but I had always wondered about the voluminous, shiny hair celebrities all of a sudden have on red carpets and I was tempted to try them. I first saw these extensions on Houston blogger Meg-O and I loved them on her. They looked beautiful and natural, like her own hair!




Vegan Leather Bag from local business Ceibo

I don’t know what it is about long, flowing Victoria Secret-like hair but once I put my extensions on they made me feel more confident and like a million bucks! After seeing these photos photographer Stephania took I was like “Girl, you still got it!” Hahahaha!

Here’s a helpful Q&A if you’re thinking of trying hair extensions like these for yourself:

Why did you choose Hidden Crown hair versus tape in or glue extensions?

Hidden Crown Hair is much less expensive and a more temporary option because you can take easily them off at the end of the day. I like to think of it as well like a trial run in case I ever want to get extensions taped or glued in. My first impression of these extensions is that they’re very easy to use and care for.

Do you have a special code or discount in case I want to try them?

Yes, you can use code LIPSTICKBRUNCH for $10 OFF your extensions purchase!

Why are they called Halo Extensions?

They are called ‘Halo Extensions’ because the hair you put on your head is held together by fishing wire that goes on like a halo on the crown of your head. The fishing wire goes completely unnoticed if you put on the extensions the right way.

Is it hard to put them on?

I was so scared of putting them on guys and that they would just fall out! Once you adjust the halo for the shape of your head and wear it it starts molding to your head. It’s amazing how well they blend in with my own hair and they have never fallen off. I had my husband help me fit them to the crown of my head and I read the instructions several times just to make sure I was doing the right thing. Trust me though, they’ve never fallen off.

Can you curl/wash/spray/dye cut them?

You can definitely curl the extensions with your flat iron or curling rod at a maximum temperature of 350 degrees. They recommend NOT spraying your extensions with products so they last longer and maintain their quality but you can wash them with a gentle sulfate free shampoo and conditioner every 2 to 4 months. Very little maintenance as you can see!

I have seen other people go to a professional hair-stylist and get their Hidden Crown Hair extensions cut and dyed to match their hair. I’ve actually had my hair stylist dye my own hair to match the extensions.

What color/length are the ones you’re wearing?

Hidden Crown Hair has a super helpful color expert that matches your hair to the extension shade you should be wearing. That’s how I got my extensions to blend in beautifully with my hair. The extensions I’m wearing are 12 inch Hidden Crown color 60/8.

Any questions you have that I might have missed? Let me know!



Photography by Stephania Campos

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