Fall 2016 Obsession: Bodysuits and Bomber Jackets

So who knew that all the velvet chokers, bodysuits and bomber jackets I owned in high-school would be cool again? Certainly not me since I gave them all away and just thinking about it hurts because I still remember my mom saying: “These will come back in style sooner or later,” but of course, as a teen, I never listened to my mom. And now, here I am, almost 15 years later obsessing about bodysuits and bomber jackets in a very unhealthy way for my wallet.

This casual bodysuit is one of my closet essentials in the Fall now! Pair it with bomber jackets and layer it when ti gets colder. I currently own 4 bomber jackets, 2 thrifted, 2 brand new and I am eyeing my fourth one so I can pin the hell out of it. I even blogged about the first bomber jacket I found here. As for bodysuits, don’t even get me started! I found the one I’m wearing here at Target for less than $20 (but somehow didn’t find the sleeveless version online so I linked another one) and if you check their Juniors section you’ll find tons of cute, casual styles! They’re great as a layering piece especially when you have ever-changing weather like in Houston and are also so stylish and sexy under blazers, sweaters and you guessed it—bomber jackets! LOLMy bodysuit is an everyday Fall essential that you can wear a countless number of ways!

I had fun accessorizing this look with a pop of color in my chunky, velvet heels.

Fall Bodysuits and Bomber Jackets

Check out my Fall 2016 Obsession: Bodysuits and Bomber Jackets

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