Houston Blogger Brunch at MerryMuffins: The Muffin Wonderland!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a muffins tasting; sounds yummy right? The muffins I tried were delicious and also made from wholesome savory and sweet ingredients to keep them on the healthy side. I saw the craziest savory ingredients you could ever have in a muffin like pepperoni, quiche (so great for breakfast), broccoli, turkey taco, chorizo biscuit, chocolate chip pancake and my personal favorite, because I have such a sweet tooth, the vegan chocolate. Don’t let the term vegan fool you, this is the most indulgent chocolate muffin you’ll ever eat!

Owner, baker and yogi, Laura Grinstead started making these muffins to encourage her kids to eat their veggies in a delicious presentation. It worked because her children liked them and she started this amazing business! I don’t know about you but I’ll eat anything that’s baked in a muffin. Ha! As a new mom, I often eat with one hand and it’s usually junk food when I do, but these muffins live up to their promise of being nutritious, guilt-free and tasty and I can eat them with one hand. MerryMuffins also has protein balls for before and after the gym in exciting flavors like apple pie and chocolate coconut.

As much as I just want to keep it extra healthy around here, I also took home some Venchi Italian chocolates in a variety of flavors and they were so good I didn’t want to share with my husband (but I had to). I chose cherry, pistachio, orange and coffee flavored pieces and I can’t wait to go back for more. I plan to buy some for Christmas gifts and maybe pick out a candle, since Laura has a curated selection; there’s even one that smells like just-baked bread!

Check out some photos of our muffin brunch which will hopefully inspire you to visit to this muffin wonderland!

MerryMuffins-Blogger-Brunch06Houston Blogger Brunch in progress!

MerryMuffins Blogger Brunch07With bilingual and lifestyle blogger, Mariana of Yo Mariana

MerryMuffins Blogger Brunch08


MerryMuffins Blogger Brunch05Fashion Blogger and New Mom, Ashley of Simplicity and CoffeeMerryMuffins-Blogger-Brunch04The Vegan Chocolate muffin; great as dessert or breakfast for my sweet tooth.

Protein Balls at MerryMuffins

_MG_1906The Venchi chocolate area is a must if you’re a chocolate lover. They’re incredibly flavorful, rich and creamy. My favorite one I tried was the pistachio cream.

Venchi chococlates at MerryMuffins

Uiche muffins at MerryMuffinsThe quiche muffins were so tasty as breakfast but they were also a great afternoon snack with hot tea. Reheat in your oven for perfection. MerryMuffinsJulie from @foodiefingers taking her signature pic! Go follow her!

MerryMuffins-Blogger-Brunch02Thank you MerryMuffins for having us!

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Photos by Pei Chen & Myself

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