My First Lash Extensions

Last week I did a first: I got eye lash extensions. It’s a 90 minute procedure where you have to keep your eyes closed, keep still and not cry if all of a sudden your wedding song comes in the background (it happened to me).

Look at how amazing my eyes look!It saves me tons of time in the morning since I’m a huge mascara fan (I applied up to 3 different mascaras to get the effect I wanted!). The only downfall is I paid around $250! Ouch! But I really, really wanted to try them and I thought the investment was worth it.

I got them done at Lash Co. on Kirby and loved the results.

Lash Extensions - Before and After

Let’s see how long it takes before my first refill. Be aware though if you constantly rub your eyes or wear contacts: for the first 48 hours after applying them you can’t get them wet! Yikes! It’s been hard washing my face but I’ve managed using my favorite Neutrogena make-up remover wipes and being really careful

Stay beautiful!

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