My Current + Favorite Drugstore Beauty Products | Spring 2018

I’ve been aching to write a beauty post for the longest time but #momlife is kinda kicking me butt! Hahahah! I can’t bust out beauty posts as often as I’d like but I hope you stick around because I love sharing all the good beauty stuff I find with you! The baby has been asleep for a while and I managed to snap photos of some products that haven’t left my vanity or purse and that you need to know about. This is stuff that has traveled with me on my vacation to Miami recently and I just can’t stop raving about them because they’re good, inexpensive and they work!

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So most of these products I bought and trust me, I don’t need to be buying anymore beauty goodies but I’m such a beauty junkie and I can’t help it when I’m at the drugstore or Target. I’m actually trying to be better about buying new beauty products. For example, I sprayed the new fragrances at Target on different receipts I found in my purse and I couldn’t get one of those scents out of my head so I had to go and buy it three weeks later (guys, I waited a three whole weeks!). I’m trying not to do impulse shopping and can you believe there’s one body spray in my beauty arsenal? here’s a more detailed description of why I’m loving these products!

Body Sprays

These body sprays I found at Target are cruelty free, vegan and have essential oils so yeah, they were worth my money! They feel like “grown-up” sprays versus all the ones I used to hoard as a teenager from Victoria’s Secret. Though I must admit, all the scents in the new Target line are making me want to start a collection. Other scents to look for are “Queen Bee”, “Dreamer” and “Sugar Berry.” They also have a guys’ fragrance line which has 4 fragrances and I chose my favorite and gifted to my hubby.

How I Use It: Right after showering I apply a light body cream and spray myself with the fragrance. I even spray it in my hair so I can smell it all day and anyone that says hi to me!

Compact Eyeshadow Palette

Next up, these recent beauty blogger/Pixi Beauty collaborations are on fire and I’m actually bummed not to be showing you the Dulce Candy lip palette which is part of this collection but guys, this eye palette is the bomb! The matte shades are super pigmented and the shimmery shades are so creamy they look multidimensional on your lids and are so easy to blend and mix in with each other. I love how small this versatile eye-shadow palette is and how it fits nicely in my make-up bag. This set comes with a double-sided liquid and pencil eyeliner which also makes it a nice gift!

Cleansing Stick

I’m obsessed with anything gimmicky and this cleansing stick is the latest to sit on my sink. I’ve reviewed a very similar product before but I like that this one better because it’s one third of the price! I also love the fresh, clean scent and how portable and mess free it is for travel. Most cleansers come in cream, gel or liquid formulas so but this one you can just toss in your travel, gym or overnight bag and you’re set!

How I Use It: Wet your face, rub the stick all over your face and watch it lather up with your cleansing brush or hands. Splash off with cold water.

Rose Gold Eyeliner

I just got this eyeliner but it’s sitting in my make-up bag and never getting out of there! I’ve never seen a rose gold brownish silky liner like this one and it makes my brown eyes sparkle. It’s so pretty to wear on vacation or to mix with your other eyeliners since it’s so creamy, shimmery and neutral. My former favorite eyeliner was department store price so I’m psyched to have found this one!

How I Use It: As eyeliner, shadow or I mix it with my black liner on my bottom lash for a very cool smoky effect.

Full Coverage Foundation

I raved about this foundation on my Instagram stories and a lot of you messaged me to tell me it looked great. I agree! This foundation is the kind of formula I like to wear on my oily combination skin. It is a full coverage, buildable foundation and a little goes a long way so start with a pearl size amount. I start applying it with either a foundation brush or beauty blender and it’s worked amazingly well on my skin both ways. I’ve worn it with and without primer and it still looks beautiful. If you are in a hot, humid town like Houston please set this foundation with a loose powder and setting spray because no one’s foundation can escape a scorching hot summer sun!

How I Use It: When applying I start in my “problem” areas such as my red cheeks and chin which sometimes has a pimple or two. I apply less foundation where my skin looks great. I always drag the foundation all the way down to my neck so it doesn’t look like a mask on my face.

Beachy Bronzer

I reviewed this bronzer on an Instagram post recently (read my full review by clicking on the photo below) and I know that soon, Butter Bronzer is coming out with eye shadow palettes and more bronzers! If you need to a bit of warmth and a non shimmery sun-kissed look to your skin pick this bronzer up at your drugstore or get it from my link above.

How I Use It: Below my cheeks as a bronzer and a bit on my hairline to add warmth to all my face.

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