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As a professional photographer and blogger I realized I needed different cameras in different situations. Let me tell you why! While at Fashion Houston last year I was wearing a short skirt hauling around my massive Canon50D, snapping pics, trying to look cute, post on Instagram, tweet and pose in some pics myself…oh and I was also carrying a purse and trying to look on fleek.

That’s when I realized I needed a smaller but still powerful camera that I could carry around to my events and it not be a hassle. In the perfect world I would always have a professional photographer following me and capturing my every move and event I attend but until then—I’ll stick to photographing everything myself. Check out the cameras I’ve acquired over time and how, when and why I use them:




I started researching this camera when I saw one of my favorite bloggers used it. It’s compact, light, chic in white and always getting complemented. The best part about this camera is that it’s got Wi-Fi and can connect through an app on phone allowing you to download your images immediately in high resolution. This camera always goes with me on blogging events and short getaway trips with my hubby because it allows me to take awesome pictures, it’s easy to carry I can still look cute. The only downfall for me which has been hard to get used to is that this camera does not have a viewfinder like my professional camera but rather has  an easy-to-use touch screen. On the other hand, I can I can shoot in RAW format so that pretty much makes up for it right? It’s one of my favorite new accessories and runs at about $350 around the web. I’ve also filmed HD videos and taken photos for my blog here, here and here. I’ve been loving this camera for pictures of food like this one too:

SAMSUNG CSC Check out this post for a Michelada recipe

SAMSUNG CSCFrom our recent dinner at the Versace Mansion

Go Pro Hero3thumb_medium_999847_Camara-GoPro-Hero-3-Silver-Edition-Ultra-sharp-28-6element-aspherical-glass-lensbrUltra-wide-angle-reduced-distortion_2

The GoPro Hero 3 was a camera that we bought with my hubby when we were going to The FIFA World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil a year or so ago. It was the perfect camera to take to the beach because it withstands water and sand with it’s super strong clear, protective case (remember that these cameras were originally made for extreme sport activities). It’s incredibly light and also stashes away nicely in your purse or your hubby’s short pocket. The only downfall is you will not be able to zoom in and out because it has a fixed wide lens which was great for the mountainous landscapes of Brazil and the architecture. This camera was an awesome investment and only use it for special occasions like snowboarding, big group selfies, or to try to capture the grandiosity of a place such as with the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Tip: I’ve also discovered it makes for fun selfie camera for groups or amazing backdrops.


Crazy group photo I snuck in! Fun!Fun group selfie with the Go Pro!

DCIM103GOPROSnowboarding with the beautiful Vail backdrop

DCIM100GOPROMaracana Stadium for one of the soccer games at the FIFA World Cup


Canon 50D


canon 50d skin with camera (Medium)My Canon 50D is the camera I use mostly for my professional photography work. It gives me the maximum control over my environment and it is my most trustworthy piece of equipment I own. When I am shooting with it I know I will never miss a shot. It’s been a long journey to learn how to master this skill (and still feel like I’m learning at times) and if you know how to use a camera like this one in Manual mode (where you are in control of shutter speed, F-stop and ISO) you’ll be able to capture a quick strut down the runway at Fashion Houston, a surprise engagement proposal or a celebrity sighting perfectly.I’ve also shot fellow bloggers Heather from La Fashion Snob  and Monica and Britney from Classy and Fabulous (see their photos below!).

I have multiple lenses for this camera too! The lens work for different purposes and I always suggest, since a lens is a big investment, it’s always better to rent one out and try it for a weekend and see if you love it.

      _MG_8302 copy

_MG_8983edtd copy


_MG_9545Surprise Engagement Proposal in the Hill Country

_MG_0598_2Heather from La Fashion Snob 

_MG_2551Monica and Britney from Classy and Fabulous

My IPhone 6


I never relied on my IPhone for photographs for my blog until I switched to the IPhone6 because quality of the photographs are much superior. The IPhone6 is still not great in low light/flash required situations though so I keep my Samsung camera handy. I mostly post my IPhone photos on Instagram and other social media and if I happen to forget my camera or want to include a photo I took with my IPhone6 on my blog I know it’ll blend in nicely with my other photos. And of course, my IPhone is the source of all my selfies!

11265299_380858122119581_482421489797827173_n copyOne of tmy favorite selfies that I took at a Burdlife jewlery trunk show at Macaron by Pattisse.

SAMSUNG CSCThe selfie that is having its 15 minutes of fame.

IMG_4589aThe selfie that made it to Nigel Barker’s instagram.


If you have any questions or think I missed out on explaining something, please let me know I’d be happy to help!

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