The Best Sunscreens for Your Face

The sun: I love it but little did I know growing up that is was so damaging to my skin and can also cause skin cancer. The sun gets me in a great mood and gives me a sun-kissed glow but it can also make me age prematurely—no, thank you. Yikes! I’ve been on a mission to try out the best sunscreens for my oily-combination skin that don’t make me breakout and protect my skin. I’ve also tried out so many formulas that are seamless under make-up and are great for every type of event in my life: a workout outside, the pool or everyday protection.

These below are my favorite true and tried formulas. Some I have repurchased many times and some I recently started using and love. Below are links to all the products I use and why I use them.


SPF40 Spray Sunscreen – great for reapplying at the pool or beach. Smells great. My son loves it too!

SPF3o Spray Sunscreen & Makeup Setting Spray a hot humid summer and outdoor weddings? This is magic!

SPF30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen – great for retouching your SPF throughout the day

SPF + Vitamin C Sunscreen– great for everyday wear before your moisturizer to help fade age and sun spots.

Age Repair SPF 50 Moisturizer

SPF30 Invisible Sunscreen (Feels like a primer)

I started using sunscreen later in life (in my late 20’s) and I regret not starting sooner. Here are all the ways increased sun exposure can affect your skin:

❌ Sunlight is responsible for age spots & darkening existing ones

❌Sunlight breaks down the elastic fibers in skin causing wrinkles

❌Repeated exposure to the sun causes premature aging (SPF is a summer must)

❌ The UV rays in the sun destroy collagen & elastin which keep skin bouncy & firm



Which is your favorite sunscreen?

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