Pink One Piece Swimsuit + Where You Can See Me on TV on Friday!

Photo Location:  The Hanover at Post Oak

When I shot these photos with Stephania Campos Photography I was impressed that I was voluntarily doing bathing suit photos but I was also secretly proud of myself for posing dressed (undressed?) like this. You’d be surprised how many women, big and small say “Sorry I haven’t tanned, sorry I haven’t shaved, sorry I look chubby,” every time they get into their bathing suit in public with their friends. I was saying sorry so many times when I took these photos with Stephania and then this week one of my beautiful friends (she is a goddess I swear and she looks like a model) kept saying sorry when she took off her shorts to get a bathing suit photo at the pool and it struck me: even beautiful, slender women feel self-conscious about the way they look when they put on a one-piece swimsuit in public.

We cheered her on as she posed for some photos but it got me thinking. Women: we don’t need to be sorry for the way we look! We are beautiful, we are chubby, we are skinny, athletic, brown, white and it’s OK to put on a bathing suit in front of other people.

Why did we start saying this to ourselves and why do we feel the need to apologize for looking the way we look? I don’t know but I realized how silly my friend was being. She had nothing to be sorry about except maybe social media has created this unrealistic perception of how we’re supposed to look in a bathing suit. Chiseled, perfectly tan and hairless…but that’s not the reality for most of us, regardless, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL! Women are so good at being overly critical at the way we look, me included.  I always ask myself, why can’t I look at myself lovingly the way my husband does? Life would be easier.

So I’m going to make a promise, (and you should promise yourself too!) to not say sorry every time I take off my cover-up at the pool and enjoy life right now at this weight, with this amazing weather, inspiring friends and beautiful family. I’ve realized all that matters is to be happy right now even in the process of bettering myself! We’re currently riding our bikes every day and I hope to shed off these extra pregnancy pounds in the next few months so wish me luck! But, before anything I must remind myself (you say this to yourself too), I AM BEAUTIFUL, right now, in this body today and I’m thankful.


The Bathing Suit

Use it As a Top!

I love the quality and bright print of the bathing suit! It’s what drew me in! I’ve also been wearing my bathing suits as tops because they are way too cute to just use at the pool. Actually, if you take a look at my Instagram, I’ve been doing this a lot shamelessly. Why I love using them as tops too? The swimsuit fabric is great at smoothing out my mom pooch and love handles. Pair it with a jean skirt like I did!


I sized up to an XL (I’m usually an L) but I would have liked an XXL better.




Last but not least, I’ll be on Fox 26 on Friday, June 15

showing you last minute Father’s Day Gifts!

Don’t miss it! My hubby and baby might make a cameo!

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