Meet Amy Pottinger: Food Network Star finalist, Blogger and Mom

I first “met” Amy Pottinger on Season 13 of Food Network Star and even though she wasn’t the only food blogger on that season, she always outcooked all of them! I loved that she describes herself as a “home cook” and that she elevates everyday dishes that look amazingly gourmet on her Instagram feed.

I started following Amy since then and stalking her feed curious to see what she’d do next. Imagine my excitement when Amy managed to beat old contestants from past seasons to be on the new season 14 of Food Network Star! I was psyched for her comeback! I was also excited because like me, she’s a mom and blogger so I was rooting for her all along. Amy’s culinary blog is called Caviar and Crayons where she shares her weekly recipes from the show as well as what’s going on in her kitchen in Hawaii.

I admire Amy so much for being a mom, chasing her dreams, being a kick-ass cook and looking so pretty & stylish while doing it.

Amy is so close to being the next Food Network Star and I’m thrilled to be featuring our Q&A below so enjoy! Thank you for Amy gracefully accepting to answer questions for my blog.

Find this recipe on her blog

Why do you think you should win this season?

AP: It is always difficult to tell who I think should win. We all blossom and operate differently. And the network knows what they are looking for. Those factors are largely out of one’s control. I believe I “have what it takes” but everyone else is standing there with the same feelings.

Find this Watermelon, Strawberry and Basil Popsicle recipe on her blog

As a past contestant, what advantages & disadvantages do you think you have compared to the other contestants?

AP: Just knowing the weight of each challenge and the expectations is a huge advantage. It is only one of many facets, but a critical one. I’ve also been through the highs and lows [of the competition] emotionally. It is a difficult competition (more so than it looks) and it takes its toll on you.

Who is more intimidating when judging your food: Bobby or Giada and why?

AP: They are both intimidating in their own right. Clearly you can tell I have a wretched poker face. They are similar and when they like or don’t like your food and/or presentation it shows on their faces.

The million dollar question. Why do you doubt your skills so much?! (I feel you doubt yourself and then Bobby and Giada always love your food!)

AP: I am overly analytical. I will always be the first to call out my faults… unless you’re my husband, then I’m always right. Hahaha! Giada kept telling me to have more confidence and in real life I am a very confident person. When you’re in this competition though, the sum of your output is being pitted against others. You want to analyze it to do better next time, to prepare yourself for critique and I guess I just see more opportunities for improvement than I do successes.

What is your guilty pleasure to eat at a restaurant and to make for yourself?

AP: I almost always cook for myself but there are some amazing restaurants in Chinatown here [in Hawaii] that blow my mind.

So you’re a blogger and super skilled home cook and chefs like Giada and Bobby rave about your food…so do you see a restaurant in your future?

AP: A restaurant would be great but we would have to settle down first. The blog was born from my love of food but we have moved every 3 years and had 2 young kids too! I can’t form roots till we are done with his journey. But yes, in the mythical some day, that would be incredible!

Do you ever see yourself filming a show in your kitchen from Hawaii, incorporating your kids and husband or how do you imagine it? (Like a Hawaiian Pioneer Woman?!)

AP:  have the most ridiculously amateur YouTube channel ever. My husband isn’t on any social media and doesn’t really care for this side of my cooking “life”. We have also agreed that our kids won’t be out there (more his promoting than mine, but I respect it). I love cooking with my fam and we just got a beach front cabin for the weekend and just grilled salmon and steaks. 🙂

The one ingredient you could never live without?

AP: Garlic

Find this recipe on her blog

How is life at home with your family?

AP: We are busy! My husband is a fighter pilot and has a crazy life. I have a 4 and 6 year old who love the outdoors, hiking, water, and playing with their friends. Living in Hawaii we always get to be outside but just like every mom, I turn a movie on some nights, open wine and tell them to just sit.

Who’s your favorite celebrity chef and why?

AP: Alex Guarnachelli. She is unapologetically herself. She is fierce without losing kindness. She is a bad ass chef and just plain awesome.

What’s the challenge on Food Network Star you’ve hated the most?

AP: Liver. F****** liver.


Don’t miss Food Network Star tonight where Amy is one of four finalists!

Want to catch up before tonight’s episode? Read Amy’s recap from last week!

Good luck Amy, I hope you win and I hope I can taste your food one day!

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