Korean Beauty on Amazon: Gold Medal Winners For Being Cute & Effective

Raise your hand if you’ve been watching the Winter Olympics? I’ve been glued to the TV watching figure skating especially for USA team skater Adam Rippon and his quote-worthy interviews. I’ve also been gawking at their sparkly outfits and gracefulness because #goals. What has also been on my mind? Korean beauty because I’m#KBeautyObsessed over here! Ever since becoming mainstream in the aisles of Sephora and Ulta I’m hooked on their fun packaging and powerful ingredients.



Sheet masks, sleeping face masks, foot peels and any other skincare trend you’ve seen in cute animal/fruit/nature shaped packaging popping up everywhere from Marshall’s to Macy’s probably started in Korea. I bought my first Korean beauty products on a trip to Europe and then was super happy to find them locally and online afterwards. For me it all started with the compact cushion from Amore Pacific, the first Korean brand I ever knew about. I do want to advise you though to shop Korean beauty products at trusted department stores and websites because I’ve heard bad stories about Korean beauty at discount stores so don’t do it. I’ve compiled a fun bunch of products I’ve found on Amazon that I hope you push yourself to try, even if it’s just one.

    1. I love sheet masks because they’re an easy and fast way to pamper your skin at home or on the go since their packaging makes them mess-free.
    2. If you’ve seen my beauty videos on Instagram then you’ve seen this silly headband . It’s soft, cute and great for when I’m doing my make-up or washing my face at the end of the day.
    3. I got my first of these  bunny glosses in Spain. So random right? I hadn’t seen them here in Houston yet so I bought a few and love them. Who can resist the bunny cap and cute shades?
    4. This silicone octopus-shaped exfoliator is the most portable, inexpensive beauty tool I’ve seen! I’d stuff this in my travel or gym bag along with my favorite face cleanser for squeaky clean skin 24/7.
    5. If you love lip stains and despise lip gloss then this lip ink will be right up your alley. I tried this product as a sample in a Birchbox and loved the just-bitten shade it left on my lips.
    6. Lip gloss hoarders unite, Korean beauty is filled with gorgeous tiny fruit shaped lip glosses and I can’t help myself! You’ve probably seen these cherry lipglosses at the checkout line at Sephora.
    7. This unusual cure aqua gel exfoliator is one I spotted on another beauty bloggers feed and her rave reviews got me to try it. I love how effective it is in removing dead skin and revealing baby butt softness on my cheeks.
    8. The erborian face cream has a pearlized sheen which is great if you’re in cold weather so your skin glows and looks youthful.  I love it year-round when I want an extra celebrity glow under my foundation or lighter coverage when I mix it with my foundation.
    9. This new dr jart shake and shot mask comes in an innovative tumbler and a slew of formulas and I can’t wait to get my hands on it mostly because of the packaging.
    10. Super dry dehydrated skin will love this sleeping mask packed with potent hydrating ingredients. I used to get samples of this at Target but now I can only find it here on Amazon. If you have dry lips then you can also try their lip sleeping mask.
    11. Last but not least, how stunning are these two toned lipglossess? This visually pleasing lipstick has a powerful balm and punch of color in one swipe.



Have you tried Korean beauty products before?

Any favorites you have that I should try?

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