Girl in Ipanema: Part II

Ahhh..the streets of Rio de Janeiro…how I miss the sea breeze and samba playing in the background right now when I’m melting in this Houston heat! Trust me, a girl has a hard time looking fashionable in this humidity! I remember this day because it was a little gray outside and we almost didn’t take these photos but then the sun came out and we got to enjoy¬† a little more of paradise.

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Outfit details:

Shorts: I got these at JCPenney and scored some in other colors because they were so comfy with fun prints. A surprising, trendy find at this store! They look super cute with heels and a blazer as well.

Blouse: Express Portofino Shirt (I own like 12 of thees!) whose distinct characteristic is its soft material that keeps you feeling fresh all day. I’m wearing them like crazy right now and keeping myself cool and comfy.

Necklace: Pomp and Circumstance boutique which is one of my favorite places to shop for unique jewelry.

Panama hat: This one is from H&M and I got it on our trip to L.A. It’s been a summer staple of mine at the pool and for brunch at a terrace.

Cuff: Always gets me a compliment! This cuff was designed and made by by friend, Farah Nazar who lives in the beautiful Caribbean island of Roatan,Honduras. We met in college and now she makes this awesome jewelry. This cuff in particular depicts our hometown of Tegucigalpa where we grew up and studied. I love wearing it everyday. Check out her stuff here.

Sandals: Old Navy

Hope you love this outfit as much as I do and of course, my bag is a Kate Spade. I travel with this one everywhere. It’s material is waterproof, it’s very roomy and I simply cannot resist it’s bright, cheery green hue.

What is your summer staple? Give me a shout in the comments below!

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