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The first thing you might think about when someone says “juice cleanse” is going hungry and relying only on green juices for food but that couldn’t be farther from the truth as I discovered through the Daily Greens book by Austin native and breast cancer survivor, Shauna Martin. There are different types of cleanses and they should be made under a physician’s consent if you suffer a chronic disease, are nursing or pregnant.

IMG_5329AFor me, I believe in starting slow so the mini juice fast cleanse was the right fit for me. The mini juice fast cleanse consists in replacing your breakfast 4 days straight with a green juice and maintaining a raw food meal plan (you can find many in the book!) for those days which allows for an 18hr fast from dinner to lunch of the next day. By the end of the cleanse, I felt less bloated even though I hadn’t lost any weight and I just felt lighter and better about myself.

IMG_5334ADaily Greens has some of the best ingredients I’ve seen in cold-pressed green juices like Madagascar Vanilla, Himalayan Pink Salt and mostly greens. The Elevate was my favorite one because I’m a fan of vanilla.

Amazing Fact: There are 6 lbs. of fresh organic produce pressed into every bottle. It’s 100% Juice. Which means that if you didn’t have a salad with your lunch but you drank one of these juices it’s even better! You got plenty more nutrients than what a salad would offer.

IMG_5391AWhen I received the juices I was pleasantly surprised to know they only have between 12-18 grams of sugar/carbohydrates which is great news for my Diabetes Type 1. Most green juices that contain fruit ingredients can go up to 30-50 grams of sugar! Because the cleanse is mostly made up of greens I get all my nutrients without adding all the unnecessary sugar which keeps my blood glucose levels in check.

IMG_5447AWhen doing any sort of cleanse be mindful of what type of exercise you do. Because you are replacing a meal of solid foods with juice it’s better to stick with low impact exercises like a brisk walk or yoga or you’ll feel weak. For me, as a Diabetic that’s a no-brainier: I know that replacing my breakfast with this juice means I have to exercise less to avoid a nasty low blood sugar which could make me faint.

IMG_5452AThe Daily Greens juices were created by Shauna Martin who found the healing power of green juices in the road to her recovery and healthy lifestyle after her battle with cancer. She made it her mission to make these nutrient-rich green juices available  to as many people as possible (they’re available at Whole Foods). She now has a green juice every day and donates part of the proceeds of her Daily Greens to an organization in Texas known as the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls, which provides support to hundreds of young women battling cancer.

Read more about Shauna’s inspiring story, delve deeper into juice cleanses and her Daily Greens 4 Day Cleanse book (a complete guide to juice cleansing the healthy, gentle way with seasonal recipes included):





 Photos by DAKMPA

*Daily Greens sent me these juices and book in exchange of an honest review. All beautilicious thoughts and sparkly opinions are my own.*

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