The Whole Life Challenge

Beauty is health. That’s a motto we should all try to live by because if we feel good we are going to look good. This is not a new year’s resolution it’s a Whole Life Challenge; the challenge of making the right lifestyle and food decisions for life and slowly but surely knowing it will show in the glow of your skin, the weight you will lose and the energy that will overcome every activity you pursue.

Berries, alomnd milk, plain greek yogurt, and matcha green tea for energy and natural electrolytes

When my friend Pili suggested I join the Whole Life Challenge I agreed because I have been on a personal trainer since last August and attending many fun 5Ks in an effort to make fitness part of my life anyway so I had so much to gain, like cyber-support from new friends on my fitness team. The Whole Life Challenge has rules (to live by, I promise they are not drastic), a list of YES and NO Foods (I printed mine out and pasted it on my fridge!) and a team who cheers you on. Even though it’s a 56 day challenge it is aimed to changing your lifestyle habits for life.

I have also been eating 1/3 of my plate at restaurants and really watching what I eat. I stopped drinking milk and switched to Almond milk (regular and skim milk have 18g of sugar per serving and almond milk only has 1g), I started taking protein rich smoothies and flaxseed after or before workouts, I’ve been working out 3-4 times a week with a trainer and trying to drink as much water as possible (making icy cold green tea helps me drink a lot more water!). I even got a Ninja Blender to make delicious smoothies (check out this post for one of my favorites) and some very colorful workut clothes that make me feel pumped up when I’m working out (is this a girl thing?).

At the colorful Graffiti Run, which is a 5k with a splash of color. A great excuse to exercise and have fun!

If you’re not ready for almond milk (it tastes so good though), use coconut water and blend with berries or watermelon and add the matcha green tea powder for a natural caffeine boost!Feeling better in my clothes is priceless. I don’t feel bloated anymore and I feel healthier and more attractive, I even wear less make-up and focus more on skincare (which, for those who really know is is impressive because as a beauty junkie and beauty blogger, I highly enjoy putting all of my face on every morning!)Now, I enjoy taking my make-up off to hit the gym, like in the selfie below.

A Video Summary of The Whole Life Challenge

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