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*This post was written in partnership with Fleastyle 2016. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Happy Wednesday guys! Can’t believe we’ve already made it to the middle of this week and my birthday has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Also, last night, Houston finally felt it’s Fall-ish weather with 70 degrees Fahrenheit and well, we all woke up to the news of our new president which I rather not talk about.

Besides the cool weather (the only exciting thing that happened last night), I’m also thrilled to be showing you a very unique beauty line that is made locally but could easily be in the beauty section at Kuhl and Linscomb or Anthropology. Thanks to my partnership with Fleastyle, a curated high end flea market happening in Houston on November 19, Rosehip Essentials, one of their vendors, sent me many of their skincare products my way to try out.

The first time I knew roses were part of a beauty regimen was playing around with my grandma’s rose water and just mixing it with different stuff in her bathroom. I was being mischievous and used to try out all her stuff. What can I say? The water looked pink, it had pretty packaging and I’ve always been drawn to beauty products. Rosehip Essentials is more sophisticated and has a more concentrated formula than simple rose water–read below for more thoughts on the products and what you can expect from them.

Rosehip Essentials Cleansing OilThe cleansing oil smells citrusy and spa-like and is great for massaging the make-up off your face after a long day.

Rosehip Essentials uses organically grown rosehip seed oil {which is only available from late summer to autumn} to create their products and works amazingly well to heal scars. It also naturally contains Vitamin A/Retinol which I know my fellow 30 year old ladies will understand is a must to fight acne and wrinkles simultaneously.

Rosehip EssentialsA great way to end your day after cleansing is a few drops of the Rosehip Facial Serum even if you have oily combination skin like me. It’s non-greasy and it’s calming lavender scent works like aromatherapy before I go to sleep.

Rosehip Essentials French Clay MaskThis clay mask was a fun one to use because I got to make it myself! 2 parts mask and 1 part water and you’re good to go. Put it on, sit back and relax.

Rosehip Essentials Locally made in Houston

Rosehip Essentials Bar SoapFrench Clay bar soaps. The round one is for your face and the bar for your body. These would make cute stocking stuffers–they look like works of art too!

Rosehip Essential French Clay MaskAdd a few drops of water and the powder turns into a fragrant paste. relax for 10 minutes while it dries.

Rosehip Essentials French Clay Mask

Which product are you curious to try?

Wow! I had no idea you could use rosehip oil for all of this:

Stretch marks

UV damage from overexposure to the sun

Scars from surgery




Wrinkles and premature skin aging



Burns, including those from radiation and sunburn

Age spot

Brittle nail

Dry and damaged hair


Visit Rosehip Essentials on November 19, 2016 at Fleastyle Houston and explore their line!

Fleastyle Houston 2016

Where: Silver Street Studios
When: Saturday show 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
What: Fleastyle! 120+ vendors, food trucks, bar, music, photo-booth
$5 cash entry (kiddos 12 and under free)
First 100 shoppers receive a free goodie bag















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