My Week with the Mitsubishi Mirage

*Mitsubishi Mirage test drive for a week c/o Drive Shop. All opinions are my own.*

Getting a car to test drive for a week is probably one of the coolest things that have ever happened to me! When I received this little bundle of cuteness not only was I happy that it came with a full tank of gas and insurance but also because it made me nostalgic.

It reminded me of my cute, compact car in my first year of college. The Mitsubishi Mirage encompasses all those memories of how much I loved my car because it was small and I could park it anywhere with my less than great parking skills, the very few times I had to refuel (I never refueled with the Mirage during the week I had it!)  and to my surprise, how spacious and comfortable it’s inside (unlike my first car) considering it looks petite on the outside.

Let me show you some of the fun I had with the Mitsubishi Mirage the week we became acquainted.

I received my car on a Thursday!

IMG_8223 copyI immediately noticed the dashboard said “ECO” and later I found out it had won “Best Environmental Performance.”

IMG_8231 copyThe official “I received my Mitsubishi Mirage” photo!

IMG_8259Took my boss and two co-workers to lunch! (Excuse them for not posing for the photo. LOL)

IMG_8292I took my hubby to Date Night to our favorite burger joint.


IMG_8310The freedom to park anywhere and quickly for when I’m late for my facial!  IMG_8323

FullSizeRender-5 copyWith DAKMPA (AKA my youngest brother. (We are 13 years apart!)

FullSizeRender-6 copy

But the best part was putting together this fun video with DAKMPA productions and taking the Mirage to one of my favorite art pieces in Houston- The Lawndale Art Center.


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