Lipstick and Brunch Voted “Best Beauty Blog” and “Best Topic Blog” 2015!

Lipstick and Brunch has won a second consecutive time as “Best Beauty Blog 2015” by The Houston Fashion Bloggers. This is the first time the blog wins “Best Topic Blog.”

I am overjoyed and over the moon for these wins. This is all thanks to your support and your votes during the nominations. This blog has tuned into my passion and career and I’m glad it’s become a source of inspiration for many of you whether you’re interested about make-up, fashion, beauty or lifestyle, I hope to keep flooding you with motivation, pink and sparkly thoughts!

I was in the categories with women I admired so much that I sincerely am humbled and happy about the results. Cheers to a new year and more victories! Thank you Houston Fashion Bloggers!

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