“Beauty with a Purpose”

Meet Nicole, an Austin,Texas native and the successful creator of the Radiant Cosmetics line. She is sweet, bubbly and a self-proclaimed “eye shadow girl” and she’s on a mission:

Nicole created an awesome fusion with the creation of this cosmetic line, her passion for make-up and her desire to help women who have suffered this misfortune. Unfortunately, 80% of the people being trafficked are women and girls.

Every time you buy one of their awesome gel liners, lipsticks, mineral make-up, blush (shown above) or eyeshadow,Radiant Cosmetics gives 20% of their profits to Redeemed Ministries who provide support and rehabilitation to victims of human traficking.

To learn more about human trafficking and how it not only affects women but kids and men of all walks of life, to check out their on-line shop or just donate to the cause visit their website.Some of their products are currently available at Myth & Symbol in Rice Village in Houston.

Photo of Nicole by Nicole Kestenbaum

Product Photography taken from Radiant Cosmetics website

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