What’s Inside Dominique Sachse’s Beauty Bag?

She’s a face that everyone knows from the 5, 6 and 10pm KPRC Local 2 News (and what a beautiful face!) and from her involvement in different charities and constant emceeing gigs, Dominique Sachse is the sweetheart of Houston news.

Ever since I saw her on TV (3 years ago when I moved to Houston) I really wanted to know more about her make-up tricks and how to look flawless in this era of HD TV. And what about her rockin’bangs that she unveiled earlier this year? So sleek and sexy, I was immediately inspired to cut my bangs as well!

Is there a certain beauty regimen or skin care line that you swear by?

I’m a drugstore beauty queen. I really don’t spend a lot of money on products. My neighborhood Walgreens started carrying a higher-end line of skin care products, so I’ve been dabbling with those. Otherwise, I love Neutrogena foaming face wash and towelettes. Getting the “war paint” off at the end of the night is critical!

How did you learn to do your own make-up for television?

I’ve always enjoyed experimenting, even as a young girl. I used to do my friends’ hair and make-up for dances and proms. Through my TV years, my style has morphed depending on trends and what looks best on me. I find that a softer, muted palette looks nicer on TV. It’s cleaner looking and not distracting.

Who is your beauty icon and why?

 I think Angelina Jolie is exceptionally stunning. She was born with great features and plays them up nicely, never over-doing it.

Aren’t Dominique’s bangs to-die-for?

What beauty tricks did you learn from your mother?

Sleep. My mom values her rest and what it does for her looks and health. I wish I had the luxury of 8 to 10 hours a night, but that’s just not in the cards right now. My only hope is that I don’t ruin the good genes she passed down!

Did you have any awkward beauty moments in your teens?

Who didn’t! Teased bangs and braces, need I say more?

The first photo on the upper left corner is her most recent look. Which is your favorite?

What beauty products would we find in your beauty bag?

A combination of “Face Atelier” and “MAC” make-up. Both lines are great for TV. Also, lip balm and hand moisturizer.


Thank you Dominique! I’m sure we’ll all be getting a lot more beauty sleep and feeling less bad about our own awkward beauty mishaps in our teens.

Tune into Dominique at 5,6 and 10pm on KPRC Local 2 Channel, follow her on Twitter and tune into her newly opened Instagram account @dominiquesachse for an exciting backstage pass into her daily life.

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