The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Winc Wine Subscription

*Winc provided me with a free subscription and I tried it out to report back on their process and wine selection. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Lipstick and Brunch.

A couple of months back I tried Winc and fell in love with the process of selecting our wines through a quiz. I have tried all sorts of styling, beauty & food subscription boxes but this one takes the cake! I was anxiously waiting to try the wines they suggested and pair them with our favorite meals. It’s so easy to take the palate quiz which determines what four wines you’ll get at your doorstep.

I love white, red and rosé but I’m not adventurous when selecting wines at the grocery store, I always choose the same bottles I like. Discovering new wines each month and knowing that I’ll probably fall in love with them is my favorite aspect about Winc.

Out of the four bottles I ordered I loved the 2017 Summer Water and 2017 Cocomero rosé best. The  2016 Folly of the Beast Pinot Noir was too strong for me but the 2016 Chop Shop Cabernet Sauvingon was a smoother red that both my husband and I liked best. We enjoyed pairing each with the recommended food and we had a steak dinner and meatballs with each bottle (traditionally red meat and red wine pair well).

How To Order Your Winc Subscription

1. Take your palate quiz at with my link that offers $22 off your first order!

2. Choose your 4 suggested bottles.

3. Wait for the wine to arrive at your door or make someone’s holiday by gifting them a subscription!

4. Winc learns your favorite flavors with your bottle ratings on each delivery. A smart wine subscription? Yes please!

Unlike other type of subscription boxes I’ve tried where I always have to return a clothing item that didn’t fit or end up with beauty samples I don’t use, we drank all the bottles of wine! Cheers to that! 😂

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