Huston Bloggers are travelling togetehr to Atlanta next week for The Blog Societies Conference

Meet the Houston Mom Squad Heading to The Blog Societies Conference

Ever since I decided to start blogging in a professional manner and make it a part time business I’ve been going to blogging conferences. I’ve written about a couple of them on my blog and my incredibly fulfilling experience attending each and every one of them. I also put together a master list of what you need to take to your conference to make it a successful trip. What I’ve never written about is about attending a conference with a group of blogger friends! Sure I’ve had roommates and made new friends in all my conferences but I’ve never actually traveled with people I see every week in Houston. I’m super thrilled because this is basically a girl’s work/fun trip and I haven’t had a girl’s trip since college maybe (the fact that I don’t remember says a lot) ?

The group of girls I’m traveling with are my fellow blogger moms that I meet up with every week to have coffee and maintain my sanity. We whine, laugh, chit chat and share blog stories and I love that it effortlessly connects us which is beautiful because as a mom the last thing you need is complicated or high maintenance friendships. Having said that, we’re always one text away for each other!

Disclaimer: Our blogger buddy Rebecca Robinson who is also traveling with us couldn’t make it to this group photo-shoot but there’s a description of her below.

Meet the girls traveling with me for a dose of inspiration, femininity & positivity! I decided to have a little fun and include a tagline for each girl, you know, just like if we were “The Real Bloggers and Housewives of Houston,” Hahahahahaha! We would be a very bad cast because we all love and respect each other a lot.

You can click on each photo to check out their Instagram accounts!

Follow all of us and keep up with our adventures next week at

The Blog Societies Conference in Atlanta!

photos by Arzu Vargas Photography

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